easyfindYou know you’ve seen it.

You’ve heard of a product through the grapevine, browsed to the maker’s web site and there it is… The stock ticker at the top showing the stock is down -.43 today. Now you’re thinking “what is this negative financial news about?” I’m sure this is not the brand association the maker intended when they set out their product marketing campaigns.

Since I started my career, I’ve noticed that companies feel limited to a single web site where they have to pack in all things about all things. Frankly, to me, this approach waters down the qualities of each particular product and diffuses the excitement associated with the product. This is a self-imposed, false limitation and you need to abandon it ASAP.

Make a single page (or more) web site for each of your products. Buy a domain name that addresses your products name for this site. Finally, link back to your corporate and support sites for cohesion and search engine optimization.


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